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Developer – Region of Amsterdam


For our client in the region of Amsterdam, we are looking for a Backend Developer.

  • Start: as soon as possible
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Working time: 32 or 40 hours per week
  • Rate: competitive


Our team is large and very diverse, regarding both background and skills. These are the values we expect all team members to adhere to:

  • For us, attention to detail is of paramount importance;
  • We care deeply about consistent, malleable, well documented, tested code, and we always keep in mind that code is more often read than written;
  • We make sure our solutions respect the acceptance criteria because we test them thoroughly, picking the right type of test depending on what we’re building;
  • We care more about doing things right than closing the ticket a day early;
  • We are firm believers that “QA should find nothing”;
  • We use our strict PR review process to learn from each other and have fun doing it;
  • We give each other honest, constructive feedback, whether positive or negative;
  • We work for our users and not our managers, by thinking about what we’ve been told to implement. We challenge it if we believe a design or feature go against what our users need;
  • We communicate with our POs clearly, so they are always aware when we disagree with them and why;
  • We know the price of sloppy programming because we’ve paid it (and are still paying), so refactoring messy parts of the codebase is a normal part of our day.

We prioritise:

  1. Production incidents: making sad users less sad trumps any other task;
  2. ️‍PR reviews: fast reviews done with care make for happy developers and less conflicts;
  3. Team stuff: we’re in the loop on posts in the main backend channel, team initiatives, and tech debt stories;
  4. Bugs: we officially have a 0 bug policy;
  5. Sprint stuff: features, features and more features.


Our customer has some big plans for 2021, and we need a backender to make it happen! We’re going to work even harder to answer the age-old question “what’s for dinner?”. This is just a sneak peak of what you’ll get to work on:

  • Building the next-gen version of Cookbook Develop and improve other new features for our customer;
  • Creating a new recommendation engine to help users plan their next meals;
  • Combining data to help users find some great (and delicious) meal deals;
  • Building a community platform for home cooks, where they can share their best work, and rate and review the work of others;
  • Monitor the applications and services and keep track of performance and stability;
  • Making our content editors happy by making our Bloomreach CMS implementation as efficient and smart as possible.

You’ll get to play with all the toys, like GraphQL for Cookbook and a new external API for shoppable recipes. Plus, there are also some big technical challenges to solve: sunsetting our usage of an Oracle DB in favour of Postgres and MongoDB, combining data sources in Bloomreach CMS to speed up editing flows, supporting multi tenancy in our recipe service and more.


Together with the web and app developers, you’ll work on providing a stable and lovable platform for the millions of users. You’ll be part of a hybrid and international team, with people from agencies and different time zones working together.

  • An hbo (University of Applied Sciences) degree in Computer Science, IT or a comparable subject. Or a proven academic work and thinking level;
  • At least 4 years’ work experience as a Backend Developer, Java Developer, Kotlin Developer or Backend DevOps Engineer etc;
  • Experience with Java 8 or higher, Services (APIs) and CI/CD;
  • Experience with Kubernetes and Public Cloud;
  • Experience with and knowledge of Bloomreach Experience Manager – brXM is a pre;
  • Knowledge of Scrum/Kanban (Agile);
  • A getting-things-done mentality;
  • An appetite to be the expert on content and how this is used and to be the cms go-to person.


We would like to receive an up-to-date resumé. Your proposal needs to be COMPLETE and provided with the following:

  • Name;
  • Residence;
  • Availability;
  • Hours per week;
  • Own employee or freelancer;
  • Holidays;
  • Hourly rate ex VAT, including travel and accommodation costs.


Jennifer Duivenvoorden 023-5383444 / 06-52651560